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la/en-Cassell\'s Concise Latin and English Dictionary



This topselling dual language dictionary has been updated to include a brief history of Latin, pronunciation, syllable divisions, meters, verb conjugations, declensions, prefixes and suffixes, and numerals.

Publisher Marketing:
For fast, easy reference and comprehensive listings, "Cassell's Latin & English Dictionary" is unbeatable. Thousands of words, phrases, and idioms in scholarly and academic usage are included for maximum reference, along with tables of regular and irregular verbs. Thirty-two pages of brand-new text include: a brief history of Latin, a pronunciation guide for flexible, correct readings, and sections on syllabic divisions, prefixes and suffixes, verb conjugations, declensions, meters, and numerals. A special section on Roman culture includes historic dates, the ancient calendar, weights and measures, and currency exchange. With over 35,000 entries, this handy pocket-sized dictionary is all you need while studying, translating, or tracking down word meanings.

Product Details


ISBN–13: 9780020133407

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Publication Date: Aug-1987

Pages: 379

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 12 - 17