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la-Latin Grammar (New)



(back cover)
With Verb Tables

"Quis" or "quid" -- When asking a question, which do I use, and when?
This book shows how to solve that problem and many others

You'll find--

  • The most important rules of Latin grammar
  • 72 pages of easy-to-use verb tables indicating conjugations and all tenses
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of all grammar rules with examples that show how to apply them
  • Advice on how to avoid typical grammatical pitfalls
  • A helpful complement to your study of classical Latin texts

    Publisher Marketing:
    This brand-new textbook for students of classical literature presents a comprehensive summary of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Students are introduced to nouns in all genders and declensions, verbs in all conjugations and tenses, vocabulary, and bilingual passages that demonstrate classical Latin sentence structure. This book presents students with a very useful complement to their studies of classical Latin texts, such as Julius Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars, the poetry of Virgil, and other literary works from the bards of ancient Rome.

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    ISBN–13: 9780764147210

    Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

    Publication Date: Aug-2011

    Pages: 272

    Lexile Level: 0000

    Ages: NA - NA