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lat-Itinera Liviae et Amicorum: The Adventures of Livia and Friends



A Latin novella for first and second-year students about an Ancient Roman girl named Livia and her friends, who experience several adventures and meet many interesting characters as they travel to the city.

Publisher Marketing:

Livia, a trustworthy and brave Ancient Roman girl, helps her friend Octavius through many situations. Along the way they meet Antonius the tiger, the unicorns Laurentius and Romula, the mysterious Puer Miser, and many others. Livia and her friends experience several adventures, such as getting lost in the forest, and learn valuable life lessons like looking for a job and finding a place to sleep. They go on a quest for cookie supplies, and encounter many strange situations as they travel the not-so-long road to Rome. Whenever Octavius or the animals get into trouble, Livia is always there to save the day! If you like cookies, sleeping, and suspense, you have found the perfect Latin novella!

Product Details


ISBN–13: 9781646694587

Publisher: Christopher R. Buczek

Publication Date: Sep-2019

Pages: 76

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: NA - NA