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Maddy and the Monstrous Storm: A Schoolhouse Blizzard Survival Story



Thirteen-year-old Maddy Rollag struggles with prairie life on her aunt and uncle's farm in Dakota Territory, but on January 12, 1888, when a blizzard threatens to trap Maddy and her classmates inside their damaged schoolhouse, she finds the courage and strength to lead them to safety. Includes historical note, glossary, and discussion questions.

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Thirteen-year-old Maddy Rollag finds it hard to adjust to life on her aunt and uncle's farm in Dakota Territory. Her schoolmates think she's spoiled, and Aunt Marta makes it clear that Maddy is not fit for farm life. Maddy desperately misses her father and life back home in St. Paul, Minnesota. But on January 12, 1888, everything changes. A blizzard traps Maddy and her classmates inside their schoolhouse. If they stay in the schoolhouse, they'll freeze, but the risk of trying to escape and getting lost in the blizzard is equally dangerous. Will Maddy and her schoolmates survive? This Girls Survive story is supported by a glossary, discussion questions, and nonfiction material on the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888, making it a valuable resource for young readers.

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ISBN–13: 9781666340723

Publisher: Stone Arch Books

Publication Date: Aug-2022

Pages: 112

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: 08 - 12