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1-2-3 Scream!



Ten humorously terrifying tales that include a villainous vending machine that eats kids like candy, a birthday-party crashing robot, an evil app that can predict exactly how anyone who uses it will die, and more.

Publisher Marketing:
Get ready to scream with this collection of hillarifying--hilariously terrifying--tales, fully-illustrated and perfect for scary story lovers who are looking for a side of humor to go with their helpings of horror.


Unless you want to be scared, do NOT read this book.

These tales of terror are so horrible, so alarming, they had to be bound up between these pages forever!

You'll discover The Boogerman, an oozing horror that lurks in mirrors. You'll read about Instagrave, a popular new app that tells kids how they are going to die. In Epizeuxis, you'll learn what happens if you speak the name of a--wait. We've said too much already. The things between these covers are too dangerous to ever be let out. That's why we're warning you: stay away from this book, or else!

Of course, if you are reckless enough to open this book, then be sure to read these stories in a safe, indoor space, far from the beady, prying eyes of any birds*.

Now, on the count of three: 1...2...3...SCREAM!

*Is that a crow, a magpie, or an indigo bunting behind you? Be careful. Birds will do anything to keep people from discovering the secrets of this book!

Product Details


ISBN–13: 9780593374078

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Publication Date: Sep-2022

Pages: 240

Lexile Level: 0660

Ages: 09 - 12