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100 Stars That Explain the Universe



Publisher Marketing:
Visit one hundred extraordinary stars that unveil the mysteries of the universe

Our own Sun--a source of awe, myth, and mystery for untold generations of sky-gazers--is just one of roughly two hundred billion trillion stars. Together, they're a window into the profoundest questions in physics--overturning, again and again, how we understand light, matter, time, and existence itself. Florian Freistetter explains all this and more, in brief, easy-to-read profiles of the hundred most history-making stars, inviting readers to gaze into the past and future of the universe alongside a stellar cast of scientists-- from Annie Jump Cannon, who revolutionized how we classify the stars, to Dorrit Hoffleit, who first counted them. Enjoy your journey through the cosmos . . .

  • GRB 080319B, the farthest we've seen into space with the naked eye
  • V1364 CYGNI, pivotal in the discovery of dark matter
  • 72 Tauri, definitive evidence for Einstein's theory of relativity
  • Algol, called the Demon Star for its mysterious blinking--and many more!

Publisher's note: 100 Stars That Explain the Universe was previously published in hardcover as The Story of the Universe in 100 Stars.

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ISBN–13: 9781891011115

Publisher: Experiment

Publication Date: Nov-2023

Pages: 304

Lexile Level: 0000

Ages: NA - NA