New, First-of-its-Kind

for Schools, Organizations, and Non-Profits

Bookworm’s Online Bookstore is a novel, sustainable, fundraising platform supporting schools and literacy by placing student success and community experience at its core.


Why Consider an Online Bookstore?

  • To provide a common literary meeting place for your community.
  • To improve access to the latest, greatest books that match your community’s unique needs and priorities.
  • To offer a collaborative forum focused on developing consistent reading practices.
  • To establish an ongoing funding stream while offering a service that is purposeful and sustainable.
  • To address unique and distinct priorities associated with encouraging literacy.

Maximize the Benefits of your Online Book Fair

Special Features

A One-of-a-Kind Experience – Unique. Personalized. Customized.

Build a literary, Go-to Forum
for the Community

Your community will have a common place to congregate
around books, reading and learning.

Provide 24/7, Year-Round
Access to Curated Books

Online bookstores will have full-time access to curated
books for as long as the store is open.

Collaborate to create
literacy promotions and events

Keep children reading and engaged by highlighting
special events throughout the year: seasonal holidays,
author events, special weeks/months (i.e. Earth Day,
Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, etc.)

Provide School Wish Lists

Schools/teachers can choose books that they feel will be most useful in their classrooms. Supporters have the opportunity to gift such materials. The program also accrues proceeds with every sale.

Promote Recommended Reading

Organizations may provide lists of recommended books for their reading community. These may be titles intended for pleasure reading, special interest, or required reading.

Host an Online Book Drive

Schools/organizations may host a book drive in support of literacy, in or outside of their community. A great way to ensure equity by helping children in need receive books they love while building their own home libraries.

View a Sample of Online Bookstores:

Bookworm Central Bookstore

Sunshine Elementary Bookstore

Skymind Primary Bookstore

Online Bookstores pair well with Bookworm Central Book Fairs:

Online/Virtual Book Fair

Take advantage of our exclusive Online Book Fair service, allowing families to access and purchase the full range of our book fair offerings. Every online sale earns profits for your organization.

Onsite Book Fair

Enjoy a carefully curated book fair, reflecting the needs and interests of your community. Available to schools in the Washington, DC metropolitan area within 60 miles of our Manassas, VA warehouse.

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