Bring onsite book fairs into your community as a valuable service.

Onsite book fairs need not be cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all fundraising events – they can be elevated by deliberately expanding their scope and experience and can be translated into a valuable service for the community. Their relevance and significance can be underscored by presenting them as:


Events that provide the community with an authentic, compatible, and meaningful literary experience.


Places community members can find the best — latest, greatest — books from across publishers.


Forums for members to unite, recognize, acknowledge, participate, and celebrate books as a way of nurturing healthy, happy, reading and learning communities.

  1. Do your book fairs aim and focus on full inclusion and community participation?
  2. Do your book fairs attract over 60% community attendance?
  3. Do your book fairs reflect the needs and interests of your community?
  4. Do your book fairs create an environment, so members feel welcome to browse, stay, discuss, and enjoy books?
  5. Do your book fairs convey as literacy nurturing and supporting events vs. fundraisers?
  6. Do you share your community demographics and requirements with your book fair provider?
  7. Are your book fair selections representative of your community needs and interests?
  8. Have you developed safeguards to ensure that every member of your community has access to books at and beyond the book fair?
  9. Do you collect community feedback at and after the book fair?

If you said no to more than two questions, feel free to reach us at

  1. Do you think that book selections can influence the success of a fair?
  2. Do you see value in receiving a book fair that is especially curated for your community?
  3. Do you weigh in with title selections for your fair?
  4. Is your book fair provider open to incorporating your recommendations into your book fair inventory?
  5. Do you recognize the significance of providing books that are from across publishers?
  6. Do you see the importance of including latest, greatest, books in generating excitement at your fair?
  7. Does your book fair provider share an itemized book fair inventory with you?
  8. Does your onsite book fair include ALL State Reading titles for the year?
  9. Are you able to run reports to see your top-seller from the book fair?
  10. Do you and your book fair provider review sales data to curate the list for future book fairs?

If you said no to more than two questions, feel free to reach us at

  1. Does your community await the onsite book fair event/s?
  2. Does your community view the book fair as more than just a fundraiser?
  3. Does your community see your book fair as a time to find exceptional books that they may not otherwise be able to find?
  4. Does your book fair marketing encourage and promote full participation from your community?
  5. Does your book fair share/highlight the relevance/role of books in nurturing life-long learning?
  6. Do you time, present and display your fair as a community festival dedicated to celebrating books and motivating regular reading practices?
  7. Does your book fair provide community stakeholders an opportunity to support book giving for children that may not be able to participate?
  8. Do you coordinate special outreach effort to encourage parent presence and participation?
  9. Do you have ways to engage and encourage educator participation?
  10. Do you run special pre-book fair events to boost student awareness and participation?

If you said no to more than two questions, feel free to reach us at

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