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Onsite Book Fair FAQ

Bookworm Central onsite book fairs are available in the DMV that are within a 60 mile radius of the Manassas facility – 12193 Livingston Road, Manassas, VA 20109

You are invited to submit a Request form to express an interest in hosting a Bookworm Central onsite fair. On receipt, we contact you to evaluate your needs and expectations and review how best we may serve you. At which time, if we are a good fit for your community, we invite you to sign and submit your contract. Once this is done, you are placed on the calendar for the confirmed week.

Please note that Bookworm Central has a cap on the number of book fairs it serves in any given week so it can continually give the high caliber of service it is reputed to provide to all it partners. As repeat business percentage is extremely high, it limits the number of openings on the calendar – all new partners are therefore urged to reserve a slot by submitting their contacts in a timely manner.

Requirements for a Responsive & Successful Book Fair Bookworm Central Other Fairs
High-quality books sourced from a range of publishers, thoughtfully screened to bring only the best to children and the community.
One-on-one, personal interaction with staff to discuss needs and goals and resolve issues in real-time. When you succeed, we succeed. Limited
Customized fairs through curated lists that accommodate special requests, reflect school demographics and past sales data, and minimize overlap between fall and spring fairs.
State of the art technology build specially to manage and process book fairs, i.e. a point-of-sale system that tabulates sales, restocks, and back orders on a daily basis. Limited to Tabulation of Sales Only
Data mining to effect purposeful changes in selections and service.
Detailed reports to improve book fairs from year to year
Books organized and packed by categories for quick set-up, keeping the users’ shopping experience in mind.
Easy money management and financial reconciliation
Full representation of state reading lists
A local business, deeply committed to serving the community at large, while also offering quick restocks, back orders, and warehouse inventory open to schools.
Responds to 21st century demands for books in multiple languages, and covering global awareness, financial literacy, and STEAM topics.
A generous industry competitive proceeds schedule that allows schools to maximize returns on their fundraising efforts. Comparable Comparable
Unparalleled customer support and service
  • Define the needs and expectations and share with Bookworm.
  • Meet with Bookworm and review/understand organization capability, caliber and method of work.
  • Determine a date for the fair.
  • Sign the contract and complete the onsite book fair questionnaire.
  • Outline Coordination/promotion timelines
  • Secure volunteers
  • Schedule BMAPS tutorial for volunteers
  • Liaison with Bookworm (confirm preview drop off, book fair drop-off/pick-up, restock/backorder process, financial reconciliation process etc.)
  • Plan presentation and use of preview material
  • Receive Book fair inventory/set-up
  • Sales (using BMAPS)
  • Restock orders and management
  • Consolidation and management of backorders
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Feedback documentation – review and share with Bookworm
  • Identify and recommend tweaks and changes for next book fair
  • Sign on for next book fair

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