A Limited Time Book Celebration

for Schools, Organizations, and Non-Profits

Take advantage of our exclusive Online Book Fair service, allowing families to access and purchase the full range of our book fair offerings. Every online sale earns profits for your organization.


Why Consider an Online Book Fair?

  • To dedicate a time when your community celebrates the joys of books and the pleasures of reading.
  • To provide easy access to curated materials.
  • To run an easy, lucrative, yet purposeful fundraiser.
  • To support literacy by highlighting books and encouraging reading practices.
  • To partner with an innovative small company that prioritizes quality and service.

Maximize the Benefits of your Online Book Fair

Some Special Features

Accessible to all, Anyplace, Anytime – A Novel Event Celebrating Books

Make it Yours

customize the colors, design and
overall look and feel of your Book Fair

Share the Wall of Books

pique interest and explore exciting info
on the latest and greatest books

Engage your Community

Engage your Community highlight "best" books and
encourage a love for reading

Want even more?
Consider building an Online Bookstore in collaboration with Bookworm Central

Year-round availability, 24/7 access

Commit to literacy through Book Drives

A central forum for literacy team to innovate and collaborate

Self-sustaining complement to Book Fairs

Long-term platform for reading and learning

Provides an interactive space for community stakeholders to connect and interact

View a Sample of Online Bookstores:

Bookworm Central Bookstore

Sunshine Elementary Bookstore

Skymind Primary Bookstore

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