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Customized to Your Needs –
Bringing the Latest & Greatest Books to You

for Schools, Organizations, and Non-Profits

Enjoy a carefully curated book fair, reflecting the needs and interests of your community. Available to schools in the Washington, DC metropolitan area within 60 miles of our Manassas, VA warehouse.


Why Consider a Bookworm Central Onsite Book Fair?

  • Guarantees partnership with an innovative small company that prioritizes quality and service
  • Offers access to Bookworm’s wide selection of great children’s books, games and learning resources
  • Allows customization of your book fair inventory across categories, price range, and titles
  • Provides flexibility in choosing your fair dates
  • Earns your school/organization/not-for-profit proceeds on every sale
  • Brings an exceptional level of customer support unique in the book fair business – we’re with you every step of the way

Not just fundraisers – Bring onsite book fairs
into your community as a valuable service.

Some Special Features

A Book Event… a Community Celebration

BMAPS: State-of-the-art Technology

Our very own unique and intuitive Book Fair Management and Processing System: setting new benchmarks in the industry, while keeping user experience front and center.

Curation and Customization

Every book fair is built and adapted to match the distinctive needs and choices of each community.

Quick Restocking Practices

We generally deliver restocks within 24 hours of receiving requests.

Want even more?
Consider building an Online Bookstore in collaboration with Bookworm Central

Year-round availability, 24/7 access

Commit to literacy through Book Drives

A central forum for literacy team to innovate and collaborate

Self-sustaining complement to Book Fairs

Long-term platform for reading and learning

Provides an interactive space for community stakeholders to connect and interact

View a Sample of Online Bookstores:

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Sunshine Elementary Bookstore

Skymind Primary Bookstore

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Community Engagement

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